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Successful serial entrepreneur reveals his contrarian formula that gets a RUSH of new customers... builds your business FASTER... and brings in the HIGHEST possible profits!

NO Complicated Marketing Campaigns...
NO Search Engine Optimization...
NO Endless Email Sequences...
NO Giving Away Free Stuff...
NO Content Marketing...
NO Social Media...
NO Blogging...

... And Without All The Other "Grunt Work" That Rarely - If EVER - Results In Getting New Customers And Making Money!

WARNING: This is hardcore "players only" info for people ready to experience EXPONENTIAL growth in their business...

"Just Shoot Yourself Now And Get It Over With...

"If you're trying to market a product and get traction for your business in TODAY'S marketplace and you fail to get and absorb the lessons of this book, just shoot yourself now and get it over with. It really is that serious and this book is really that important."

- Ken McCarthy - Founder of The Legendary "System Seminar"

Dear Friend,

If you're marketing anything online... what you're about to discover in this brief message is CRUCIAL to your success.

But first, I'm about to reveal something alarming.

Something that... if you don't know it... could cause your entire business to crash and burn... and launch you onto the fast track to bankruptcy.

And... I'd bet all the tea in China that you DON'T know about this sea change in the online marketing world.

It's gonna shock ALL online marketers... 'cuz I'm killing one of their sacred cows.

And frankly it's LONG past time to put that wretched thang outta its misery.

Because this popular online marketing model is a rotting, smelly, walking-dead zombie... and I have no idea why so many LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) keep using it.

This now obsolete strategy is the very REASON why most people can't get online marketing to work these days.

Even though all the self anointed gurus... hawking their make money "flopportunities"... have told you that it's the best way to get customers online.

After more than three decades as a serial "bootstrap" entrepreneur... almost a quarter of a century as a direct response marketer and "A list" copywriter... and having started my first online business all the way back in the wild, wild West days of the Internet in 1996... I can tell you this:

What you've been told is the number one best way to build your business online...

Couldn't Be FURTHER
From The Truth!

If you're using this popular but outdated marketing model - which most likely means you're FAILING with it - I'm going to show you a MUCH more efficient and effective approach in my new book, Just Sell The Damn Thing.

What I'm revealing in this book are the most important strategies and tactics online marketers need now more than ever. Because almost EVERYBODY is pissing away their money and time on what are now outdated and completely ineffective online marketing models and methods.

Sure, they worked at one time... from 1996 to about 2010. But these days, even the best of the best marketers with the deepest pockets in the WORLD (like Agora) can't make those methods work anymore.

So if lil' ole YOU think you can make it work... then I'm here to tell ya... you're soon gonna be in...

A Whole Wide World
Of Whale Sized Worry!

'Cuz going bankrupt and losing your business sucks... out loud. (And that's the most likely outcome if you're following this outdated model.)

Listen, I know from personal experience that going bankrupt and losing your business sucks. It happened to me four different times... before I became privy to the secrets you're about to discover in this new book.

And I don't want all that misery and humiliation to happen to you.

And now that won't be your story.

Because after you get your own copy of this new book... while other LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) not privy to this information are struggling like hell to get any customers at all... unless they pay insanely high CPAs (cost per acquisition)...

YOU will be enjoying the most effective and efficient marketing strategy working today to...

Grow Your Business As Quickly...
And As Simply... As Possible!

You see, in spite of what some people have led you to believe, marketing online is pretty simple. I've proven that with all my businesses... and those of the few clients I work with.

In my new book, I cut out all the fluff and make the entire process as simple as possible. (I barely graduated from Barberton High School in Ohio... so it HAS to be simple for a guy like me.)

JSTDT™ is my proprietary marketing system. It's the exact same process I've used the past two decades to live a lifestyle better than most Fortune 500 CEOs... while only working a fraction of the time compared to most entrepreneurs.

It's also the very same system I've used to get paid as much as $2.3 million from one single ad.

JSTDT™ stands for "Just Sell The Damn Thing™"... and...

Here's What It's All About...

Do you have the time and patience to spends months or years of your life creating content to "build a relationship" with people who have never bought anything from you?

People who come to you with their hand out, asking you to give them free stuff?

Expecting you to hand over your hard earned knowledge, experience and intellectual property in exchange for nothing.

Even worse, do you want to attract all the people who believe they're entitled to it?

If that's the model you've been following, I hope you have a sizeable stash of cash. Because that approach requires a LOT of money. And a lot of time slaving away and waiting... waiting... waiting... until you FINALLY make a little money. (If you ever make any money).

One of my clients, Agora - one of the best direct marketers in the world, earning more than $1 BILLION a year in sales - told me that even they don't have enough cash to make that model work anymore.

Sure, it worked for them in the past.

But, it required millions of dollars in advertising, paying enormous CPAs (cost per acquisition) and 12 months without making any money from each new customer.

That's why they abandoned that old outdated model back in 2010.

And if it isn't working for a big behemoth 800 lb. gorilla like them, what makes you think it will work for you?

Here's the bottom line:

You Need More Customers And More
Business NOW... Not Later, Right?

Then there's no need to screw around with all those complicated, convoluted and confusing multistep funnels...

1,001 question surveys...

7,007-step "if/then" auto responder sequences...

Content marketing... writing blog posts for months or years on end without even one single sale to show for all your blood sweat and tears...

Social media...

Writing and posting articles...

Search engine optimization...

YouTube videos...

And all the other things you've tried that have probably never worked for you.

If you want to make money and get new customers RIGHT NOW... you simply need to...

Just Sell The Damn Thing!

My Contrarian Formula For Getting A RUSH of New Customers... Building Your Business FASTER And Making The Highest Possible Profits...

Without The "Grunt Work" That Rarely - If EVER - Results In Getting New Customers And Making Money

It's the simplest way to build your business FAST and start making more money.

Take me up on this book offer today and you're going to discover the very best, tested and PROVEN ways to do that... as quickly and simply as possible.

In fact, just one of the many things you're going to see is a step-by-step case study of the JSTDT™ strategy that took one of my clients...

From $50 Million A Year...
To Over $240 Million... In Only Three Years!

And that's just one of many breakthrough marketing secrets you'll see with your own eyes when you get your copy of my book.

You'll Also Discover...

The #1 Most Costly Mistake Almost ALL Online Marketers Are Making Today (If you're doing this - and odds say that you probably are - it's costing you untold millions of dollars. And worse, years of your life you'll NEVER get back.)
How to Get More New Customers In The Next 33 Days Than You've Gotten In The Past YEAR!   (This is the exact step-by-step plan used by two of my clients to grow their "kitchen table businesses" into mid 8-figure 800 lb. gorillas in their respective markets... in record time.)
The Best Market to Sell to... And The Best Way to Reach Them. (Depending on what happens at the grand finale of this failed experiment in Keynesian economics knowing this could mean the difference between paying your mortgage and putting food on the table... or freezing your ass off and feeling humiliated standing in a soup line.)
How to Create Truly Irresistible Offers That Convert Like Crazy!   (Your entire business will be so much simpler... and so much more FUN... when your customers are lining up and practically begging you to take their money.)
The Sales-Boosting Cash Flow Surge System   (This is what I use to help entrepreneurs add tens of thousands... hundreds of thousands... and even millions of dollars in extra sales each month. It's money that YOU are unknowingly leaving on the table month after month too.)

And that's just a brief passing peek at all the business building techniques, tips and tricks you're gonna get in this book.

If you want to set up proven systems that will ensure you'll always have a steady, reliable and predictable stream of new customers... and you resell those customers more and more products at higher and higher price points... this is a "must have" book for you.

Because you'll also discover...

How to Double... Triple... And Possibly QUADRUPLE Your Conversions... As Quickly And Simply As Possible!  (It ain't that hard. In fact, it's actually just a quick little "tweak" that might take you 15 minutes - at the most.)
How One of My Clients Went From a 2% Conversion Rate Online... To a Whopping 96.15% Conversion Rate... And An Average Order Value of $86 From a $10 Offer!  (Even more amazing... this was a front-end customer acquisition offer to cold traffic! See the proof with your own eyes on page 18 in the book.)
The "Lazy Person's Strategy" That Allows You To Make MILLIONS With Even Just Mediocre Sales Copy!   (It's the exact same thing I've done time after time in my initial struggling years... at the last minute... when the "wolf was at the door" and I needed money FAST... or wouldn't be able to to pay the rent and put food on the table.)
The "Life And Death" Psychology Secret I discovered as an inner city street cop... that practically FORCES people to buy your products!
Wanna Create Multi-million Dollar Sales Copy? Then don't read copywriting books... study these instead.  

These are the strategies and tactics completely off the radar of the LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) and LMCs (lesser mortal copywriters.)

Because the ONLY way to learn this stuff is from decades of trial and error... failing 9 times out of 10... and practically going bankrupt (or insane) in the process. Or in my case, going legally bankrupt once... and "technically" bankrupt an additional four times.

I'm tellin' ya... the learning curve is BRUTAL.

Most marketers never make it through... because the emotional toll it takes on you is devastating. However...

There's A Better Way...

A smarter way.

A way where you don't have to endure all that agony.

You can learn it from a grizzled vet who has already gone through it. And that's exactly what you're going to find in Just Sell The Damn Thing.

And that's not all, a few more things you'll discover are...

Two Under-The-Radar Tools You Can Use to "Reverse Engineer" Your Competition... Then Blow 'em Outta The Water And DOMINATE Your Market. (This works so darn well, your competition won't even have a prayer of catching up to you!)
A Shocking Fact About Email Marketing And Your Affluent Customers. (HINT: if you're not privy to this little known bit of marketing data... you're probably missing out on as much as HALF of your net profits each and every month!)
My Tested And Proven Four-Step Plan For DOUBLING Your Average Lifetime Customer Value... In 11 Months or Less! (It's "ole skool" and low tech... but it works like crazy.)
Should You Hire a Professional Copywriter? Since I still occasionally make myself available as a hired gun copywriter (during moments of weakness... or inebriation), my answer might surprise you.
Make Your Product Launches 10 Times... 20 Times... Even Up to 100 times More Profitable Using This "Broadway" Secret.
Use This Little Known "BMBO" Tactic to Double or Possibly Even TRIPLE Your Customer List Overnight - Literally!
A Contrarian Call-to-Action That Even In The Worst Case Scenario is Pulling a 30% Conversion to Sales. And in the best-case scenario is getting 80 to 90% sales conversion. (Even more amazing... these conversion rates are coming from COLD traffic!)

In Just Sell The Damn Thing, you're going to get a peek behind the curtain at...

What's Working Like Gangbusters RIGHT NOW
For The Most Successful Online Marketers In The World!

And it doesn't involve...

Playing "Jeopardy" With Your Customers...  asking them 101 survey questions before you try to sell them something weeks or months later...

Content Marketing... Investing hours, days, weeks or MONTHS creating info that's not valued and rarely read. And worse, almost NEVER generates sales...
Complicated, 569-Step, If/Then Auto-Responder Sequences... with 95 percent (or more) of your messages NEVER getting delivered or opened...
Social Media... Pissing away hours of your life trying to get the attention of people looking at pictures of cats in tutus. (These ne'er-do-well ninnies don't even qualify as SUSPECTS, let alone prospects)
Blogging... Please, don't get me started on this one. I'd give all the guitars in my cherished collection just to have back a teeny tiny fraction of all the time, tears and torture I invested writing blog posts... for people who will never, ever, EVER in a million years cross my palm with even the teeniest tiniest SLIVER of silver...
YouTube Videos...
Tweeting (You're kidding, right?)
Pinterest (Come on, now it's just getting ridiculous!)
Or ANY of the other online "grunt work" taught by clueless marketing gurus that rarely, if EVER, results in you making money or getting new customers.


The few intelligent marketers I work with don't waste time on any of that "activity without results" crap.  Instead, they focus on the numero uno, most important, most CRUCIAL activity in their business.

The one that can allow you to...

Achieve Darn Near Any Goal
You Can Imagine For Your Business!

And that's exactly what I expect YOU will be able to do, too when your get YOUR copy of Just Sell The Damn Thing.

Now, you could go buy the book on Amazon... but you'll pay almost double. Plus you'll miss out on the FREE bonus gifts I've got for you too. (I'll tell you about those in just a minute.)

Order today and you'll get a book revealing all the most effective, tested and PROVEN "what's working NOW" strategies, systems and secrets for building your business - and your income - as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Listen: it's important that you take advantage of this TODAY.


You see, my more than three decades as a serial entrepreneur have taught me many lessons. And one of the most important is this:

A year from now... six months from now... heck, maybe even only a couple days from now...

You'll Wish You Had Started TODAY!

Because you'll feel that familiar "kicked in the gut" pain of regret... knowing all the money, freedom and happiness you let yourself miss out on. Only because you didn't take advantage of this offer to get my JSTDT strategies implemented in your business right away.

Look, I've felt that pain before. And I can tell you this:

There's nothing more agonizing than the pain of regret.

And I don't want you to feel that way.

That's why, just in case you still might be on the fence, I'm gonna sweeten the pot a little.

Get your copy of Just Sell The Damn Thing today, and you'll get instant access to...

What Others Leading Marketers Are Saying About "Just Sell The Damn Thing"

"The Idiot's Guide To Getting Rich With Direct Response"

"Just Sell The Damn Thing is a direct response GEM!

Loaded with in-the-trenches wisdom the average marketer would ordinarily never get access to. And, in true Doberman Dan fashion, lays out a potent blueprint for generating sales... so absurdly simple... it could easily be titled, ‘The Idiot's Guide To Getting Rich With Direct Response."

Todd Brown

Founder, Marketing Funnel Automation


"There's Not A Better Teacher Than Doberman Dan"

"With so many whiz-bang tools and systems out there in the internet marketing space, it's easy for an entrepreneur to suffer from paralysis by analysis.

Dan's book teaches us to scream... ‘f-those gadgets!' In place of throwing away the gadgets, we all need to get back to the basics and ‘just sell the damn thing.'

And there's not a better teacher than Doberman Dan for showing us exactly how to do just that."

Joe Schriefer

Agora Financial


"From A ‘Kitchen Table' Business To A 7-Figure, 35-Man Empire"

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for just how brilliant your thinking is regarding the ‘Just Sell The Damn Thing.' Your entire philosophy just makes sense - and the results speak for themselves.

I took my little publishing business from me and a kitchen table to a 7-figure per-year, 35-man operation... most of it with a HUGE nod of thanks to your JSTDT common sense."

Brian Keith Voiles

CEO, Manifest Opulence Publishing LLC


"He Shows You What To Do And How To Do It!"

"If you've ever become all excited about the number of clicks you've gotten, only to realize you can't use clicks to pay your employees, or the electric company, or your Visa bill, then you need this book.

Doberman Dan drives home the important point all successful entrepreneurs and copywriters know: Nothing really happens until you make the sale.

He shows you what to do and how to do it. Besides that-he's very, very funny!"

David Garfinkel

Bestselling Author, Breakthrough Copywriting


"If You're Not Using JSTDT You're Leaving Money On The Table And Dealing With Too Much Stress"

"I'm an attorney in a busy private practice and I work in a field where competition for ad words and effective print and web based ads in furious.

Dan's monthly newsletter and especially his training on "Just Sell The Damn Thing"  has made every dollar we spend way more effective AND we're getting better ROI from our time spent on marketing and advertising.

Better yet... we are getting more qualified clients who respect what we do AND more happily pay for our services. If you're not using JSTDT you're leaving money on the table and dealing with too much stress. Go do it and enjoy the results."

Dave Frees

Unruh, Turner, Burke And Frees


"If You Fail To Absorb The Lessons Of This Book, Just Shoot Yourself Now And Get It Over With... It's Really That Important"

"I was a pioneer of many of today's common Internet marketing tools: email marketing, banner ads, calculating click through rates as a metric, sequential auto-responders, A/B split testing with AdWords, audio ads, videos ads, mobile marketing and probably a half a dozen other things I've forgotten.

So listen up: The world has changed. The "Golden Age" (and it really was a golden age) of Internet-only marketing is OVER.

If you're trying to market a product and get traction for your business in TODAY'S marketplace and you fail to get and absorb the lessons of this book, just shoot yourself now and get it over with. It really is that serious and this book is really that important."

Ken McCarthy

Founder, The Legendary Seminar System


And Here's What Others Entrepreneurs Are Saying On...

"Required Reading For Any Business Owner"

"Brilliant! So far one of the best copy, marketing and business books I have ever read... on so many levels.

Should be required reading for any business owner.

Plus, it almost made me piss my pants from laughter on several occasions. I'm going to be studying it for months. This is a true GEM. Just mindblowingly amazing."

Jared Emin

Co-Owner, Max Persuasion


"Top-Notch Five-Star Informative Book"

"I bought your book yesterday and to say it is total quality with a capital Q is an understatement. I couldn't put it down. The tips, info and a few laughs that go with it has totally enriched my knowledge. It is a truly great, great read, top-notch five-star informative book. Being a new-comer to direct marketing I will implement what you have advised."

David Jones


Three Valuable Bonuses Worth $4,196... Yours FREE!

As a token of my gratitude for investing in my book, I'm going to give you my JSTDT™ cheat sheets and templates.

These three bonuses will help you get the JSTDT™ tactics and strategies working in your business - and getting you more customers and more sales - as quickly as possible.

You'll get...

BONUS #1 - JSTDT™ Sales Copy Template


This is as "done for you" as I can make it.

It's a proven formula and "fill in the blanks" template for creating high converting sales copy quickly. I originally created this for selling nutritional supplements... but with just a few quick little tweaks you can use it for any product or service.

It's hard to assign a value to this because my clients and I have used it to make MILLIONS. Since it took a couple hours for me to create, I'll assign it a $4,000 value (my current hourly rate x 2).

BONUS #2 - The DIQ Sales Copy Formula


DIQ (pronounced "dick"... because I haven't mentally matured since age 14) stands for "Dilemma, Inflame, Quick Fix."

This brief report shows how to use a simple three-step formula to create effective JSTDT™ sales messages fast. Use this in combination with the JSTDT™ sales copy template and you've got a tried and true system that lets you practically mint money out of thin air. It's not available for sale anywhere.

In fact, I highly doubt it ever will be ($98 value).

BONUS #3 - JSTDT™ Online Seminar


This is a replay of a webinar about my JSTDT™ System I did for the knights in my Marketing Camelot (my private inner circle).

A true $98 value... because my knights invest $98 a month for the privilege of getting on a live online seminar like this with me every month.

All 3 Bonuses Are Yours FREE When You Claim Your Copy
of "Just Sell The Damn Thing" Today

Based on my current consulting rate of $2,000/hour, what you're getting with these three bonuses is a real-world value of $4,196.

But you're getting it all 100% FREE as my way of saying "thank you" for investing in the book.

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

Just click the button below and tell me where to ship your copy of Just Sell The Damn Thing. It's as easy at that.

As soon as you do that, I'll have Holly at the fulfillment center lovingly prepare your book for shipping... and get it out to you as soon as possible. (It usually arrives in 3 to 5 business days for U.S. orders. A little longer if you're outside the US.)

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter today. I believe your short investment of time (and the small investment to get my book) will be the best investments you've ever made in your entire business career.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

P.S. When I first got into direct marketing, I used to skip to the end of all the direct mail letters to read the "P.S." first.

In case you do the same, here's a brief recap:

My new book, entitled Just Sell The Damn Thing reveals a breakthrough new online marketing model that’s working like crazy.

Get your own copy TODAY and you'll also get THREE FREE gifts worth $4,196.  

Do that now and in just a few days you'll have all the best, most efficient, most effective "what's working RIGHT NOW" online marketing strategies available today.

At last... you can build your business to any level you desire... as FAST as you desire!

Pax vobiscum.

"I lived with Dan for 43 days when he had an apartment in Costa Rica. He's a good professional copywriter and he learned some things in Costa Rica that hardly any other copywriter knows about. He's got my seal of approval."

Gary Halbert

Regarded As The Greatest Copywriter Ever

"His newsletter is outstanding. He's a very smart copywriter. Tracks all the way back to Halbert, as do I. There's almost a ghost of Halbert to his stuff."

Dan Kennedy

The World's Highest Paid Copywriter

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